LED Grow Lights by Magnum LED

“Let’s not sugar coat the obvious... world famous Magnum LED grow lights are scientifically engineered to produce premium quality fruits and flowering plants...  and it’s no secret, they work!”


Magnum Plus LED Grow Light

Why Buy Magnum LED Grow Lights?

Simply stated, Magnum produces the best LED grow lights on the planet.  We are not some new, fly-by-night company that you see popping up every day....  we’ve been around since 2009.  That means we have 5 years of solid research and development dedicated to  producing the finest fruits and vegetables available!  Magnum LED takes great pride in maintaining our world famous reputation for innovating the industry-changing technologies that keep Magnum light years ahead of the competition.  There are many LED Grow Lights available on the market today, but there is only one Magnum!    

You want a Magnum LED grow light because no one else comes close to our penetration or proven yielding power.  Our patented PhotoMAX spectrum coupled with our PARAmp technology ensure that more light gets absorbed by your plants than any other grow light!


All the Benefits of HID with None of the Hassle!

Tired of all the issues with HID?  You should be!  Reap all the benefits of growing premium flowers and fruiting plants without heat stress, excessive air conditioning costs, expensive bulb replacements or the ongoing threat of fire hazards!  The full lineup of Magnum LED Grow Lights eliminate these hassles and grow your plants from veg through flower using 60% less power!  Peace of mind and more money back in your pockets every month... Magnum LEDs bring your garden to the 21st century! (click here to learn more)

Why Switch to Magnum LED?

Dense flowers, enhanced fruiting and premium quality finished product, are only a few of the reasons to switch to Magnum LED Grow Lights.

Others include:

  • Focused Beam Technology via Exclusive PAR Amp opitcal and PARMaxx refraction technologies.
  • Save over 60% on energy consumption over HID.
  • Powerful PhotoMAX spectrum (380-740nm) in the exact combinations essential for big fruit production!
  • Modular design means no grow room down time and simple warranties.
  • Ultra sleek thin finned heat sink design for rapid heat dissipation.
  • Plug and play engineering for easy, in-home parts replacements.
  • Operates on 110V or 220V just by switching the cord!
  • EU, UK and North American power compatible.
  • Daisy-Chain function allows you to connect multiple lights in series.
  • Detachable power cord means simple voltage or country switching wherever you go!
  • Virtually Zero Radiant Heat.
  • Environmentally friendly - no mercury.
  • Safe and easy to operate.
  • One Spectrum from Veg through Flower - no need to buy multiple lights!
  • 50,000 hour lifespan (12 years of growing)
  • Our Kick Ass 3 Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty.

“We cut out the middleman and sell direct to you - the consumer... saving you thousands of dollars on a product that we designed with your growing needs in mind!”

Wholesale direct pricing saves you thousands over the competition. No haggling, no retail distribution model to support. Just the lowest, rock-bottom prices (and free shipping) on the best LED grow lights on the planet!

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357 Magnum Plus Youtube Video

Well my review is good, i think the lights awesome. my friends have their doubts but first harvest will prove their worth. if you go on YouTube, look up SwizzleMcPots. thats my review on the light there is 2 videos. thanks

-Swizzle Mcpots

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