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Coming August 2014.  Prepare for 200W of reflective power.  Move over 400W HPS, you're getting replaced!  

357 Magnum Specifications

LED Brand Epistar | Bridgelux | Edison
Number of LEDs 36pcs 5W High Power | 60pcs 3W High power
Spectrum UV 380nm | 420nm | 439nm | 525nm | 642nm | 667nm | 740nm
Coverage 4’ x 4’ @ 18” above canopy.
Power Draw 200W
Input Current 1.8A @ 110V | 0.9A @ 220V
Input Voltage 85-265V | Auto-Sensing
Operating Temp <150°F | 65°C
Dimensions TBD
Weight TBD
Lifespan 50,000 hours | 12 years of growing


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by Goro on 4/11/2013
Sir Goromoto
Although I have made many errors on this my first indoor grow, I am very pleased to report that the flowers were exceptionally resinous, the chemical spectrum of the medicine seems to be broader and more intense. My 4 x 4 ft tent with five plants producing six to seven oz. primo dry bud. A novice, I under-fertilized and started flushing way too early. Also I kept the 357 close to 22" above the canopy, hwich I learned should be closer to 14" above the canapy. So - next harvest should be twice as heavy. The flowers may look smaller than HID, but they are actually much denser and as heavy or heavier.
by Bryce on 8/8/2012
Call off the SEARCH........
The LED Light you want is this one. Take a leap of faith like i did. The plus is in my future. 1 week into flowering and my plants look WAY better then my friend's under his 600watt hps.
by Jason on 4/19/2012
Pleasantly surprised!
So far I must say I love this light, the only thing that I am bummed about is the fact that I could not afford to purchase the Magnum Plus yet. My 4 plants seem to love the light so far, they are in veg on full spectrum at the moment. I can't wait to see how they react in flower mode. I can definitely say that I will be purchasing a magnum plus or 2 next.
by Tyler on 4/8/2012
Plants have been in flower for 3 weeks now and wow do they love this light!! I have 4 more plants under a 400 watt hps and the Magnum is definitely winning already. I can't wait for the end result! I really wish I could order another 357 today!! If you are debating which led light to get, THIS IS THE ONE!
by jodude on 1/12/2012
Just got mine and already seing results!
Just got mine and i thought 5 leds were burnt out but supposably they are uv diodes, but its just that the one looks out of place in the middle beside the green led. So far 2 days of being on my plants has done miracles for them, the resin production is just amazing
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these lights are the shit!

using 2 of these lights i've seen over a pound pulled off 9 plants. they definitely do what they say they do. i cant wait till i have enough cash to buy another.


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