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Coming August 2014.  Prepare for 200W of reflective power.  Move over 400W HPS, you're getting replaced!  

357 Magnum Specifications

LED Brand Epistar | Bridgelux | Edison
Number of LEDs 36pcs 5W High Power | 60pcs 3W High power
Spectrum UV 380nm | 420nm | 439nm | 525nm | 642nm | 667nm | 740nm
Coverage 4’ x 4’ @ 18” above canopy.
Power Draw 200W
Input Current 1.8A @ 110V | 0.9A @ 220V
Input Voltage 85-265V | Auto-Sensing
Operating Temp <150°F | 65°C
Dimensions TBD
Weight TBD
Lifespan 50,000 hours | 12 years of growing


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by Goro on 4/11/2013
Sir Goromoto
Although I have made many errors on this my first indoor grow, I am very pleased to report that the flowers were exceptionally resinous, the chemical spectrum of the medicine seems to be broader and more intense. My 4 x 4 ft tent with five plants producing six to seven oz. primo dry bud. A novice, I under-fertilized and started flushing way too early. Also I kept the 357 close to 22" above the canopy, hwich I learned should be closer to 14" above the canapy. So - next harvest should be twice as heavy. The flowers may look smaller than HID, but they are actually much denser and as heavy or heavier.
by Bryce on 8/8/2012
Call off the SEARCH........
The LED Light you want is this one. Take a leap of faith like i did. The plus is in my future. 1 week into flowering and my plants look WAY better then my friend's under his 600watt hps.
by Jason on 4/19/2012
Pleasantly surprised!
So far I must say I love this light, the only thing that I am bummed about is the fact that I could not afford to purchase the Magnum Plus yet. My 4 plants seem to love the light so far, they are in veg on full spectrum at the moment. I can't wait to see how they react in flower mode. I can definitely say that I will be purchasing a magnum plus or 2 next.
by Tyler on 4/8/2012
Plants have been in flower for 3 weeks now and wow do they love this light!! I have 4 more plants under a 400 watt hps and the Magnum is definitely winning already. I can't wait for the end result! I really wish I could order another 357 today!! If you are debating which led light to get, THIS IS THE ONE!
by jodude on 1/12/2012
Just got mine and already seing results!
Just got mine and i thought 5 leds were burnt out but supposably they are uv diodes, but its just that the one looks out of place in the middle beside the green led. So far 2 days of being on my plants has done miracles for them, the resin production is just amazing
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Best Grow Light EVER!!!!

Without a doubt the best grow light I have ever used, double the bud sites over my 1000w and finishes as good or better in terms of total dry weight. Forget about the massive amount of crystal. Buy one now!!!

-John S

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