LED Grow Lights For Sale

Congratulations on taking the first step to buying an amazing grow light! Magnum LED offers three unique LED grow lights for sale to awaken the giant in your plants. Each light is the result of 5 years of non-stop R&D to bring you the best product money can buy! Only the highest quality LEDs and optical components are used to ensure world-class results in your grow room. And shipping is always free to North America! If you have any questions, call us at 1-877-533-8711 Monday through Friday from 9AM to 6PM EST.

What You Get

While Magnum LED offers 3 different types of LED grow lights, we make sure certain functionality and quality is present throughout our entire product offering. We want you to know exaclty what you’re getting when you buy a BIG FRUIT producer!

Top-Shelf LEDs


357 Magnum tests over 100 LEDs each year for PAR output and spectral perfection... we know who makes the best diodes.

Your grow light will come with the highest output LEDs available to mankind. We don’t skimp on quality like cheap LED grow lights. We make sure you get the best!

(Click to learn more about Top-Shelf LEDs)

Modular build


Smart, Reliable and Easy. Our modular build means no more grow room down-time. If a part fails, it’s isolated.

Our smart plug-n-play design ensures you don’t need electrical know-how to fix your light. When your replacement part arrives a few screws and an electrical clip is all it takes to be fully functional again. Rest easy. We thought of everything.

Thin-fin aluminum heat sinks


Magnum LEDs are protected by thin-fin aluminum heat sinks. The thin-fin design allows for more fins to be placed on the sink, increasing surface area and heat dissipation.

Our heat sinks ensure your LEDs operate at the optimal temperature, for maximum output and lifespan! Making sure you can rely on it for many years to come.

True-par spectrum


Plants are complex. So is our spectum. With PhotoMAX technology your plants get precisely what they need in the exact ratios for explosive growth and giant yields.

Our patented spectrum has been refined over 5 years of extensive testing on flowers and fruiting plants. Your plants will thank you.

(Click to learn more about Spectrum)

Daisy-chain function


Clean, linear and organized. That’s how your grow room will look with Magnum LED Grow Lights.

You can connect up to 1200W of lights in series with our daisy-chain funtion. No more power strips or walking into hanging wires. Just clutter-free bliss.

3-year warranty


All Magnum LED Grow Lights are protected by our kick-ass 3-year warranty.

If a part fails from natural causes or a manufacturing defect, we’ll pay to send you a replacement so you can fix it on-site with no down time. And because we’ve been around since 2009, you know we’ve got your back!

(Click to read our full Warranty Policy)

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I have been running 6 of these for the past 4 weeks over some TH Snow and I am actually blown away by how much crystal is producing and the density of the buds. These are the first LEDs that I can actually say will indeed replace a 1000w HPS. The footprint is a good 4x4 and the most incredible thing is that these lights are almost completely silent despite running 5 cooling fans. I'm impressed, these lights are the real deal! 5 stars!!!


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