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For the first time EVER there ia a LED grow light that delivers results comparable to a 750W HID! The all new Magnum Plus LED is the direct result of time, technology, creative genius and countless hours of R&D. Our revolutionary PARAmp optical technology is now combined with a blinding 40W full spectrum LED. The result is a MASSIVE amount of light from a small footprint!

Our new 40W PARMax LED features proprietary technology exclusive to Magnum LED, creating a precision full spectrum output from one chipset. The color blending is unlike any other LED Grow Light available. Proving once again that Magnum LED is the industry leader while the competition simply plays catch up!

New for 2014 is our modular build and enhanced Spectrol feature. Now you can control how much extra red or blue to give your plants in various stages of growth. Or you can adjust color settings based on what crop you are growing for optimal yields. Whatever your desire, you are in full control of your garden! Move over HID and get ready for the new generation of PAR AMP and Spectrol fortified growing machines!

NEW Magnum Plus™ Features for 2014

Modular PCB

Modular PCB

Reliability is the key to success for your grow room. The new Magnum Plus features modular PCBs to ensure you’re never without your light!

Each light contains 4 PCBs. If one fails the other 3 continue working seemlessly. Notify us and we’ll have a new one to you within a few days. And don’t worry... our plug-n-play build makes it easy to replace.

(Click to learn more about Modular Build)

40W Proprietary PARMaxTM LED

40W Proprietary PARMax™ LED

Developed exclusively by engineers at 357 Magnum, our new PARMax LED sets a new record for integrated LEDs on the amount of PAR delivered per watt!

The spectrum is also seemless and uniform, providing true full spectrum output with unmatched color blending to each chloroplast!

(Click to learn more about the PARMax LED)

Enhanced SpectrolTM Feature

Enhanced Spectrol™ Feature

Have a plant species that needs a higher percentage of blue? Now you can control how much you give them!

The new Magnum Plus has a base full spectrum setting that you can enhance with 3W LEDs in specific red and blue wavelengths from 0-100% brightness. Enhanced Spectrol just gave you the power of the gods!

(Click to learn more about Enhanced Spectrol)

New PAR AmpTM Combined TIR Optics

New PARAmp™ Combined TIR Optics

Multiple angles of penetration. This is the key to maximizing coverage, penetration and light absorption between leaf layers.

The new PARAmp TIR Optic features a 105° beam angle for the 40W PARMax LED. The 3W LEDs are then boosted with a focused 78° beam angle. The result is pure photosynthetic bliss... and the deepest penetration known to man.

(Click to learn more about PARAmp Optics)

More Light, Smaller Package

More Light, Smaller Package

The new Magnum Plus delivers more light from a smaller package. This is thanks to our new 40W PARMax LED.

A smaller package makes the new Magnum Plus easier for you to hang, adjust, and position. It means less cost on materials and shipping which equals more savings passed on to you!


PAR Output and Coverage Area

We don't just say we have the best PAR output and penetration, we prove it!  If you can't find these specs on a competitor's site it's because their lights are weak and they don't want you to know it, or they don't have enough intellect to use a PAR meter!  Whatever the reason if you can't find PAR output specs on a LED Grow Light, you shouldn't buy it.  How else are you going to know you're getting the best damn light in existence?  

The PAR charts below show 33 readings spread over a 4' x 4' test area at multiple distances from the Magnum Plus. The readings are micromoles per meter squared per second. 

Magnum Plus PAR Output and Coverage


Magnum Plus Specifications

LED Brand Epistar | Bridgelux | Edison
Number of LEDs 80pcs 3W High Power | 4pcs 40W PARMax
Spectrum UV 380nm | 420nm | 439nm | 525nm | 642nm | 667nm | 740nm + Full Spectrum PARMax LED
Coverage 3’ x 3’ @ 18” above canopy.
Power Draw 360W
Input Current 3.3A @ 110V | 1.6A @ 220V
Input Voltage 85-265V | Auto-Sensing
Operating Temp <150°F | 65°C
Dimensions 14.5 “ x 14.5” x 2.75” | 370mm x 370mm x
Weight 11.6lbs | 5.26kg
Lifespan 50,000 hours | 12 years of growing


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by Robert M. on 6/9/2013
I have been using (10) Magnum Plus for two years. You want good bud, vegation, growth, this is the the unit. Now the new unit is availabe the magnum plus 2, I can't wait to get these units to try. If you don't think you cann't afford one of these unit, you cann't afford not to buy at least TWO. Save Electicty, Heat, and mental worry that something is wrong in the grow room.
by marty on 11/20/2012
Great light, great service. I put the light on a light mover, in a 4 x 4 tent. The light mover only moves 18" to 24". I also added 4 T-5, due to the fact my room wasn't above 75*. The T-5s maintain my 82*. This run is 25 (36" tall) plants. I have one month left.
by robert n. on 10/15/2012
357 magnum plus
these are the best LED grow lights I have used to date and come with a great warranty & customer service. I will be buying more in the near future.
by Richard on 9/5/2012
thank you
the best customer survice i have ever come across!!!
by Komet on 8/15/2012
believe it!!!
ran a test over the last few months as a hobby project... the harvest was sweet & tight now have my cukes & tomatos under it because it's been a rainy dark summer mostly. very pleased w/my Magnum 357 this led system works great!
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Holy. Shit.

My buds are happier, which makes me happier. My electricity bill is happier, which makes me and my Wife happier. My Wife being happier, makes me happier. Who knew an LED light could bring so much happiness. The max length on this review won't let me put my whole review on here but I'll just say that this light lives up to it's namesake and performs exactly as advertised. I couldn't be happier! Did I mention how happy I am?!?!? :D

-Rusty S.

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